Advanced Materials

METSS has extensive experience developing next generation materials for a diverse range of defense and commercial applications requiring performance under extreme operational or environmental conditions. Our materials group provides expertise in engineering polymers, resins, and polymer matrix composites; high performance rubbers, seals, and sealants; fabric-reinforced rubbers; coatings and adhesives; polymer films and laminates; and specialty additives. Our materials development efforts are complemented by extensive experience in materials testing and evaluation.

  • Oxidation resistant rubbers for military and commercial applications
  • Conductive, corrosion protective EPDM for EMI shielding in marine applications 
  • Fire and chemical resistant personal protective materials
  • Humidity-independent, ESD hard laminate surfaces 
  • Fire resistant, nano-composite resins
  • Conductive polymers, resins, and additives
  • Low temperature, compression set resistant o-rings for aircraft applications
  • Inorganic coatings for fire protection of structural steels 
  • Lightweight, highly absorbent, self-sealing materials for fuel containment 
  • High performance, lightweight, crash resistant, self-sealing fuel bladders
  • Temperature-independent ballistic backing materials
  • Dielectric insulating materials for personnel protection
  • Lightweight composites for extreme temperature applications
  • Conformable, multi-use vacuum bagging materials (non-silicone)
  • Rapid runway repair resins
  • Next-generation, paint stripping materials