Product Development

As a contract research and development company, a significant portion of our work is related to the development of advanced materials and chemical formulations for targeted end-use applications.  This research is conducted by a staff that has a very broad base of experience developing products across a number of different industries.  It is this diverse base of experience that allows METSS to approach most of our programs as applied R&D efforts that are able to leverage existing technology to generate practical solutions with near-term commercial potential.

Products developed by METSS typically fall within the following applications:

  • Industrial lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and greases
  • Industrial and consumer cleaning products
  • Specialty chemicals and products
  • ESD and EMI shielding materials
  • Thermal, chemical, or oxidation resistance materials
  • Deicing, anti-icing, and low temperature performance fluids
  • Dielectric and heat transfer fluids
  • Personal protection
  • Sensors and monitoring