METSS was formed in 1994 to deliver results at the forefront of technology. Since then, METSS has expanded its strong scientific base and laboratory capabilities to cultivate a reputation as an applied solutions provider, leveraging the experience, scientific expertise, and creativity of its team.

Our core capabilities include the development of advanced chemistries and materials for use in chemically and thermally aggressive environments. This is supported by an extensive background and capability to support complex materials testing and evaluation programs. Our programs emphasize the use of environmentally sound materials and processes, while producing cost-effective solutions for our clients.

The majority of our programs are sponsored by many federal agencies to: (i) provide the relevant expertise, manpower, and facilities needed to execute complex research, development, testing, and evaluation programs (RDT&E); and/or (ii) develop chemical and materials-based solutions to address critical performance needs.

While most of our revenue is derived from support contracts, METSS has been very successful in obtaining Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) funding to develop new technologies with near-term commercial potential. The SBIR program has played a key role in our commercial technology development efforts, creating new commercial relationships, partnerships, and enterprises.

Please visit our METSS Projects page for information on current and prior R&D and commercial activities.