Analytical Services

The materials, chemical, and process development programs conducted by METSS require a significant amount of expertise and resources to execute in a timely fashion.  To support these programs, METSS has a diverse base of onsite analytical and testing capability, and a significant amount of experience using industry standard test methods and developing new analytical test procedures to support our program development and technology demonstration programs.

While METSS will conduct individual sample analysis for clients, our analytical test capabilities are best represented by the following:

  • METSS has developed test methods based on GC, HPLC, and standard wet chemistry techniques to characterize the efficacy of chemical decontaminant technologies toward chemical agents, simulants, toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), and toxic industrial materials (TIMs).
  • METSS has used its expertise in infrared (FTIR and Raman) spectroscopy techniques to develop low-cost sensors for chemical process and site monitoring applications.
  • METSS uses a variety of techniques to characterize materials degradation and performance properties, including novel methods to characterize thermal-oxidative stability of materials.
  • METSS has applied analytical chemistry techniques to identify and quantify materials in product formulations, including contaminants and degradation products.
  • METSS can provide the analytical expertise needed to support process evaluation studies to identify problems and optimize process parameters.
  • METSS can identify and qualify appropriate sensor technologies to support a variety of manufacturing and process monitoring applications.