Applied Chemistry

METSS has an exceptional reputation for developing novel chemistries to address technically challenging problems, as well as applying its expertise and experience in chemical formulation development to produce next generation products for defense and commercial applications.

The focus of most of our chemical or formulation development programs falls in one of two areas: (i) the development of new materials, or modification of existing chemical formulations, to increase service life or impove performance; or (ii) the development of environmentally friendly product alternatives.

Typical programs and representative R&D expertise include the following:

  • METSS has developed a number of hydraulic fluids, greases, and oils for high performance use in commercial and defense aircraft and marine applications.
  • METSS developed the world’s first FAA-approved non-glycol aircraft deicing fluid, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of deicing and anti-icing products for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.
  • METSS developed environmentally friendly dielectric fluids for submarine high voltage cables and transformers.
  • METSS has developed environmentally friendly degreasers and cleaners for industrial and military applications.
  • METSS has developed heavy metal free corrosion inhibitors for rust inhibited oils, as well as corrosion inhibition packages for a number of industrial fluid formulations.
  • Liquid and vapor phase chemistries and processes investigated as part of our chemical-biological defense efforts are being evaluated as disinfectants for industrial, commerical, and consumer applications.
  • METSS is currently developing new fluids and additives for use as next generation thermal control/heat transfer fluids.
  • METSS is actively applying its expertise in applied chemistry to develop new applications, products, and processes based on renewable resources and waste/byproduct materials.