Chemical-Biological Defense

METSS Corporation is heavily involved in the chemical-biological defense (CBD) community. Our qualified staff understands the complexities of working with hazardous materials and the importance of developing reliable information to support CBD related science and technology (S&T) and acquisition programs.

Our support of the CBD community includes the following: 

  • METSS is a recognized leader within the CBD community for conducting chemical hardness and survivability testing and analysis programs. 
  • Our experience base includes testing and training in laboratory and operationally relevant environments.
  • CBD product and process development efforts have included testing and development of chemical protective materials and next generation CB decontamination technologies. 
  • METSS has developed a significant amount of expertise measuring agent persistence in operationally relevant environments and characterizing agent-substrate interactions. 
  • METSS staff can support CB-CONOPS and operational analysis.
  • METSS has modeling and simulation capability, including chemical transport and operational effects analysis.
  • METSS has established relationships with domestic and international facilities to support a broad scope of CBD related program activities.