Industrial Ecology

Industrial ecology refers to a fundamental shift in industry that reflects a concern for the environmental impact of products, reactants, by-products, and waste streams.  This shift, also referred to as green chemistry, has created a large market for innovative technologies that can address industrial and consumer needs for cost effective processes and products that provide the requisite performance characteristics with minimum impact on the environment.

While METSS has been specifically tasked with developing environmentally friendly products and processes under a number of programs, the concept of industrial ecology or green chemistry permeates all of our R&D efforts. 

Examples of specific accomplishments include the following: 

  • METSS developed the world’s first FAA-approved non-glycol aircraft deicing fluid.  This bio-based technology received an R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine as one of the best new technologies for 2001.
  • METSS has developed biodegradable hydraulic fluids for high performance use in aircraft and marine applications.
  • METSS has developed heavy metal free corrosion inhibitors for rust inhibited oils.
  • METSS developed environmentally friendly processes to remove inks and coatings from waste plastics so they can be recycled for use in high-end commercial applications.
  • METSS is actively developing products and processes based on waste/byproduct materials and renewable resources, including alternative fuels, fuel additives, and energy alternatives, as well as industrial chemicals, chemical precursors, and formulated products.