Commercialization Efforts

METSS is structured and staffed to provide the best mix of technical talents to conduct successful R&D programs to rapidly develop new products and processes for industry and commercial technology transition programs. So METSS can maintain the focus of the company on technical innovation, our general commercial strategy is to transition technologies and intellectual property developed by METSS to commercially focused entities via affiliated and non-affiliated companies. The growth and returns from the commercial integration of METSS technologies are, in turn, used so METSS can proactively develop technologies, processes and products for new market applications without necessarily relying on government contract funding to fuel growth in these areas. A summary of past and current commercial activities includes:

  • Geo-Tech Polymers – GTP was formed by METSS to commercialize an environmentally-friendly process to recycle valuable plastics used in commercial applications, primarily consisting of painted and metallized plastic used in automotive and electronic applications.
  • Glacial Technologies – Glacial Technologies was formed to commercialize technology developed by METSS to support environmentally friendly, non-corrosion deicing and anti-icing technologies for airport, roadway, and facility applications.
  • 2190-S Hydraulic Fluid – METSS developed MIL-DTL-32353A (designated 2190-S), Synthetic Lubricating & Hydraulic Oil for Motion Control, Steam Turbines and Gears: Military Symbol 2190-TEP Replacement. The technology developed by METSS was been extensively tested, evaluated and fully qualified for applications in all nuclear propulsion ships and submarines. The new product provides better performance, longer service life, is safer to use, and will reduce overall life-cycle costs.
  • Fuel Bladder Materials – METSS provides materials to support various aspects of aircraft fuel bladder manufacturing, including fabric reinforced structural materials and natural orsynthetic rubbers to support self-sealing against ballistic threats.
  • Geo-Tech Industrial Solutions (GTIS) – GTIS was formed to commercialize METSS chemical technologies in commercial applications. GTIS currently has two subsidiary companies:
    • PerformanX Specialty Chemicals – PerformanX manufactures and sells surfactants and specialty chemicals used in oil and gas, personal care, and household and industrial cleaners.
    • Industrial Chemicals and Packaging – ICP manufactures and packages EPA-registered and FDA approved disinfectants based on chlorine dioxide for Selective Micro Technologies (SMT).